VX Pictures is a storytelling photo agency founded to counter the current trend in the photography business of mass-produced commercial imagery rather than singular, quality editorial photography.

VXP is small and photographer-owned. We believe in the power and energy of using our collective effort to produce stunning and unique editorial images that stand out from the usual fayre. We stand proud of our innovative business mindset and are not afraid to swim against the prevailing current.

With commitment and consistency, we will earn our well-deserved reputation for uncompromising photography immersed in the issues of today.

VXP photographers are as likely to be found focusing on the politics of race, gender, and identity as they are to be found with their lens firmly focussed on migration and conflict. We are both the amplifying voice for the voiceless, and the professionals that can capture the image representing the complex and shifting political, environmental and social landscape, whether at local, national or international level. It is this ability to switch our attention from the human story to a myriad of genres that gives us the incomparable perspective evident in the prints we produce.

VXP is a small photo agency offering an exciting blend of news, lifestyle, portrait, reportage and archive pictures from the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa and beyond. Our pictures are well suited for the editorial and textbook sectors.

VX Media Group is the education branch of the VX Pictures and both are funded by Vudi Xhymshiti, a news and documentary photographer with over ten years of experience in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

The VX Media Group is an independent, media and education non-profit organization based in London, United Kingdom.

With one on-air office in London, we offer the highest standard of education in photography, journalism ethics, business practice, and real-world training.

In 2020 VX Media Group has established scholarships and aims to develop on-campus seminars and workshops, and events like Festival of the Image, which will create a valuable mentorship network between seasoned veterans and talented and committed young photographers.

we are seen

Our work is featured in: The New York Times, TIME Magazine, Le Monde, Paris Match, Der Spiegel, Stern, The Guardian, The Times, Vanity Fair, La Republica, Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network.

We supply with pictures a number of UK media such as Daily Mail, Weekend, The Mail of London, The Irish Mail, Evening Standard, ES Magazine, METRO, You, iNews as well as Imago Images in Germany.