Founder's Note

Founder/CEO V Xhymshiti

We believe in the power and energy of using our collective effort to produce stunning and unique editorial images that stand out from the usual fayre. We stand proud of our innovative business mindset and are not afraid to swim against the prevailing current.

With commitment and consistency, we will earn our well-deserved reputation for uncompromising photography immersed in the issues of today.

Our photographers are as likely to be found focusing on the politics of race, gender, and identity as they are to be found with their lens firmly focussed on migration and conflict. We are both the amplifying voice for the voiceless, and the professionals that can capture the image representing the complex and shifting political, environmental and social landscape, whether at local, national or international level. It is this ability to switch our attention from the human story to a myriad of genres that gives us the incomparable perspective evident in the prints we produce.

Believing that without debate, without criticism, no administration institution and no country can succeed and no “republic” can survive, our doors are always open for thoughtful debates.

On the legacy of Athenian lawmaker Solon, who decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy, we enjoy being controversial, which is why we think that the freedom of the press must be protected by the Constitution as it is protected in the United States by the First Amendment.

We think and firmly stand by the fact that the freedom of the press is not primarily to amuse and entertain, not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental, not to simply “give the public what it wants” – but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mould, educate, and sometimes even anger the public opinion.

Christopher is a travel and portrait photographer based in London. His imagery feels as tangible and absolute as the subject appears in reality. Nothing is lost in translation.

After studying a BA Hons degree in photography at Blackpool & Fylde Arts College, Christopher spent ten years working with some of the top, fashion, travel and advertising photographers in the world.

His eye for mood, atmosphere, composition and a particular knack of capturing the bits that others don’t always see has taken his work worldwide. Shooting for commercial clients ranging from Ritz Carlton and Daylesford Organic to editorial clients, The Sunday Times Magazine, GQ Esquire, T+L, Departures and National Geographic Traveler. Chris joined VX Pictures in 2020.

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Erica is a London based Brazilian award-winning career photojournalist. She developed her career as a staff photojournalist covering major social and political developments for a number of Brazilian major publications. Her work has featured in main newspapers in Brazil such as Correio Popular, Diário do Povo, Notícias Já, Metropole and Panorama Magazines, O Diário de S. Paulo and O Estado de S. Paulo.

Erica has been the recipient of many awards throughout her career including the prestigious “Esso final” Award in 2011.

After moving to London in 2014 she started working for the British press and joined VX Pictures in 2020.

Giovanni Strondl is a London based Freelance Photo and Video Producer specialising in Sport, Reportages, News Photography and Corporate Video Production.

Born in Switzerland, and raised in Italy, he’s always been on the move to his next destination. With a great passion for Storytelling Reportages of current society and social issues, Giovanni is also photographing all possible main Sporting events in London, from Bare Knuckle Boxing to Marathons and Triathlons.

Completely self-thought, he proudly believes that great images are only achieved through hard work, and he will always aim to create powerful Media that can change the course of history. Giovanni joined VX Pictures in 2020.

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Marouane is a documentary photographer, from the city of Rabat in Morocco. Ten years ago, he and his family moved to Barcelona where Marouane became enamoured with photography. Since graduation in 2016, he’s been a freelance photographer in the art world. Assisting a number of artists in the production and realization of their work.

Despite his involvement with the arts his true passion lies in documentary photography, in the retelling and documentation of our collective stories; Primarily focussing on the narrative of immigration and issues of cultural coexistence. Marouane, joined VX Pictures in 2020.

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Marcin is a Polish-born photographer, who after training as a chef at Łódź Culinary College in 2009 moved to London; where he completed a BA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the University of the Arts (UAL). As a London based freelance press photographer, most of his work is featured within English press and media.

Through his portraiture and documentary work, he deals with many of the ongoing environmental, social and political issues we face today. Marcin joined VX Pictures in 2020.

Matt is a photojournalist based in South-East London. He has worked in 3rd sector campaigns for several years, most recently for Comic Relief, and ONE Campaign. He covers social, development and humanitarian stories.

Matt joined VX Pictures in 2020 and he is currently in Beirut documenting the aftermath of the Beirut’s port explosion.

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Liam is a 6 years’ experienced motion and still pictures producer as well as a video editor. He created content for companies such as Omnicom, Jungle Creations, Tommy Hilfiger, PVH and Calvin Klein, but specialising in food photography.

Liam joined VX Pictures in 2020.

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