VXPictures is founded by Vudi Xhymshiti, a freelance documentary, news photographer and investigative reporter.

If you’re looking for any picture services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. If you need to know about the cost of our professional services, please go to the editorial subscription page or for any other photography services, please fill in this form to get a quote, or scroll down this page, hover over the pictures to read more and see examples of work.

If you are looking to commission an assignment anywhere, please get in touch with us, we have built up over the years an impressive portfolio of reliable contacts for fixers, translators, photographers and reporters and can guarantee any assignment in any location, subject (of course) to availability and suitable risk assessment.

Event Photography

We are your Event's Photographer

  • Our role as ‘Your Event Photographer’ has far more to offer than simply shooting people holding awkward poses.
  • Each event holds different challenges, so this is what makes us think on our feet, and each client requires a different set of shots, that we are prepared to deliver, some clients may want a series of reportage style photos of the people and interactions, whereas others may want us to focus on the setting.
  • Let us show you that we can do a good job.
  • Our clients are happy, therefore not only they come back to us, but they also spread the word about us among their friends.

studio Headshots

studio Headshots

Studio work is nearly the exact opposite from location shooting, especially for portraits. With location portrait shoots, the focus is easily on the person posing, but the surrounding elements also contribute to the final product.

Also, the studio presents some more challenging lighting situations, as you can imagine that I’d need to create the light, rather than modify what the sun is providing.

I understand that studio work alone can be intimidating, adding in people can often make things nerve-racking, but you can trust us on this, working together it will always be easier and bring about unthinkable ideas that will satisfy you and us together.

onsite Headshots

onsite Headshots

Portrait photography is all about people.

My pictures don’t have to be technically brilliant as long as I capture the essence of my subject.

I always think about what makes my client/model so uniquely “to them” and try to capture that in a portrait.

A good portrait photograph will always tell a story about the person in it.

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography is one of our many photographic methods of representing a person. We intend to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person.

It is one of few and many pictures on the set of our Editorial Portraits.

As usual in all of our assignments, we particularly set out a combination of our and client’s demands, which lead us to a little more imagination and creativity. In one simple photo, we do our best to convey as much relevant information about the subject as we possibly could deliver hints about a person’s character, the work they do or the world they inhabit.

Most of our clients will hire us for commercial, corporate or media projects and so we shoot lots of portraits that end up in the online/offline national & international press, and trade publications.

lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography

With lifestyle photography, we mainly aim to capture portraits and people in real-life situations, events or milestones. In the art of every day, our primary goal is to tell stories about people’s lives or to inspire people at different times.

If a family, or a group of friends or work colleagues would like to orchestrate a session of “in-between” moments or “candid” – we are capable of delivering that too.

When we step into a lifestyle session, we possess the ability to guide our customers into genuine emotion and interactions, all while keeping the session under control.

But there’s a difference here, and you have to get in touch to find out.

corporate Photography

Corporate Photography

Our corporate photography personnel focuses on your businesses needs.

So, if your business needs headshots of its employees or is hosting an event, a corporate photographer is a top idea.

Working with a corporate photographer can help your business visually record, and share its purpose, values, and personality.

We provide all images that are technically correct (no blurry photos or awkward crops) and commercially viable in a JPEG format, at 12 to 36 megapixels (depending on your need) and sharpened for digital usage.

Film Industry

Film Industry

Our BTS photographers team can work in the background, slipping in and out of the scenes mostly unnoticed.

We understand that our client expects us to document everything that is going on to really capture the atmosphere on set from start to finish.

Our personnel is fully aware that our job is secondary to any member of the crew who is contributing directly to the production.

We are not any sort of control freak. Although we understand it could be hard having others direct what is going on around us, however, we are good at being a fly in the wall.