It is us, me, you, he, she meanwhile making use of it. Or, perhaps The “It”, is making use of us?

It’s well-known that smartphone, or more broadly, digital addiction can result in many negative mental effects on people over time. Recent research even found it creates a brain imbalance in teens.

Now a new study finds that over-attachment to your phone can cause serious social problems — boosting feelings of loneliness and social self-isolation while worsening anxiety and depression symptoms.

I witness it in my everyday life, when I wake up, when I sleep, when I cook and eat my food, wash my dishes, poo and pee, run and walk, listen and talk.

I see it everywhere, therefore, I thought it is worth documenting it, it is rather worth making it more visible, therefore my project of loneliness aims to raise awareness of our society which is silently distancing itself, retreating from a collective order into individual disorder. I’d like to just help them understand their mistake, rebel and resist a process of enslavement toward technology.

This is an ongoing project since June 2019.